10pcs Patches Detox Foot Pads Organic Herbal Cleansing

10pcs Patches Detox Foot Pads Organic Herbal Cleansing

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$23.98 price

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Size: 15*11*4cm
Shelf life: 3 years
Storage method: sealed, kept at room temperature and protected from light.
Main ingredients: bamboo vinegar, bamboo charcoal, shell hard protein powder, platycodon root extract, grape seed, lavender extract tourmaline, ascorbic acid.
* Use high quality wormwood, eye mask powder: better absorption
* Use bamboo vinegar to purify, absorb moisture, and relieve cold hands and feet
*Select natural shells and grind ingredients to extract active ingredients
* Tourmaline to enhance vitality
*Select high-quality fiber cloth micro-hole technology to breathe skin
1. This product is for external use. Do not let children touch. If the skin is uncomfortable after use, please stop using it immediately.
2, skin ulceration, allergies, pregnant women disabled.
3, pay attention to storage, due to moisture caused by agglomeration, is normal, does not affect the use of results.





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