8PCS Garden Planting Tools With Soft Handle Gloves Hand Weeder And Trowel Cultivator

8PCS Garden Planting Tools With Soft Handle Gloves Hand Weeder And Trowel Cultivator

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$44.86 price

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Perfect for a variety of tasks including digging, weeding, raking, loosening soil, aerating, transplanting, and pruning to meet all your requirements for indoor and outdoor gardening. It is very handy, portable and useful and will be a great horticulture helper for you and your family.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Size of each item:
Transplanter: 29.5×5.5cm
Tillage machine: 29.5×7.3cm
Trowel: 30×7.5cm
Weeding fork: 28x7cm
Weeder: 29.4x2cm
Scissors: 19cm
Storage tote bag: 30x15x25cm
Gardening gloves: 24cm (9.4 inches)

Removable trowel: The large inch and centimeter marks ensure that you set the seeds, bulbs and small plants to the correct depth, making them perfect for delicate transplanting operations.
Cultivator/rake: Weeds are removed to give the planting bed a neatly inclined appearance.
Manual trowel: Suitable for all small excavations such as planting, harvesting plants, digging soil, etc.
Weeding fork: Suitable for loose, clean and level ground as well as mobile coverings, turf and yard debris.
Weeding shovel: Use as a fulcrum to dig and loosen the soil around stubborn weeds.
Pruning Shears: Helps you trim the stems and light branches of your garden.
Gloves: Protect your hands from dirt, cuts, and scratches, but also provide excellent grip.
Tote: Multiple pockets made of sturdy 600D, perfect for holding a variety of hand tools and holding the tools in the elastic bands.

Packing list

1 * Shovel
1 * Trowel
1 * Transplanting shovel
1 * Weeding fork
1 * Cultivator
1 * Storage bag
1 * Weeding shear
1 * Pair of gloves

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China, United Kingdom

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