Models Garden & BossChicks Gardening 101 Experience

Models Garden & BossChicks Gardening 101 Experience



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How To Start Your Own Indoor or Outdoor Garden

Learn what the preppers are doing! We’ll go over how to grow, store and preserve your own home grown organic food + MORE!


According to the United Nations the world faces the worst food crises for at least 50 years. Now more than ever, families need to become self-sufficient when it comes to producing their own food. 

Model’s Garden offers a step-by-step guide to starting a garden, with an emphasis on container gardening. The company focuses on bunch gardening and vertical gardening to allow abundant harvesting in small spaces. This approach enables even individuals and families who live in apartments to grow their own crops indoors. 

But that’s not all Model’s Garden has a mission to share the joys of garden with children. The company offers books, fun learning activities and toys built around the concept of gardening. 

A Philanthropist at heart, Stateena is passionate about helping others. When asked about her motivation for launching this company, she explained: “I want to change families lives one home at a time. I also want to teach the importance of self-suf iciency healthy lifestyle and beauty to families through gardening.”


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