Vertical Hydroponic Planting System Tower 8 Layers

Vertical Hydroponic Planting System Tower 8 Layers

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$428.30 price

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Indoor Greenhouse——From seed to harvest in 30~60 days, enjoy green food at home~

The column cultivation planting system is composed of a plurality of cultivation bodies and a plurality of planting baskets, and is characterized in that: 8 cultivation bodies are combined into a circle, placed in a water tank and layered up and down to form a three-dimensional planting column. Hang the water inlet fittings on the top level planting theme, connect the water pipe to the top, and cover the top.

The cultivation body is a planting area, and the nutrient solution drips from the top through the deflector of each cultivation body to the planting basket below. So as to realize the impact type aerosol and keep the root moist.


1. Used to grow flowers, vegetables, salad dishes, herbs, fruits, etc.,
2. Using water cycle cultivation, saving 90% of water compared with traditional cultivation methods;
3. It is soilless cultivation, as long as water and nutrient solution, green planting can be realized without pollution;
4. Simple installation, convenient cleaning and disinfection after each planting, multiple column cultivation planting systems can be connected, and the same area can achieve the maximum planting quantity.


1.Vertical Growing System Kit;
2.Water Tank;
3.Water Pump;
4.Water Pipe;
5.Time Socket;
6.Planting Basket;



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