Ekosolfarm 100 Organic Worm Fertilizer® 10Kg.

Ekosolfarm 100 Organic Worm Fertilizer® 10Kg.

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Ekosolfarm 100 Organic Worm Fertilizer®10Kg.
Red California Culture Earthworm feces, resulting EkosolFarm 100 Organic Worm Fertilizer®Vegetables, fruit and plant efficiency, durability, while improving the quality, the natural aroma of, nefasetini saves, stem and root around that provides resistance to diseases.
Its organic matter Content due to soil structure, regulate, water retention and increases the capacity of levitation. Weed seed does not include.
Worms, üzerlerinde and digestive systems located and protects them from the body fluids (coelom fluid) Gübreye dyve, this fertilizer also provides resistance against pathogens in plants.
Worms in the digestive tract, a large number of plant useful microorganisms, nitrogen fixing bacteria that, mycorrhizal fungi antibiotic effect yaratacak doğalbüyüme hormones and enzymes. Gübreye last these enzymes and dense plant nutrient elements in plants healthy and fast allows for their development.
Both microorganisms, both enzymes, both plant nutrient elements, as well as the Coelom Fluid; soil organic matter enriching, Ph balance and soil biyolojik regulating structure, physical structure improves the EkosolFarm 100 Organic Worm Fertilizer®Thanks-resistant, quality products.
EkosolFarm 100 Organic Worm Fertilizer®;
Its organic matter content due to soil water retention and increases the capacity of ventilation.
Worms gübreye spend in bodily fluids (coelom fluid) thanks to pathogens in plants resistance.
Worms in the digestive system, many microorganism bearing, nitrogen fixing bacteria and antibiotic effect yaratacak that natural growth hormones and enzymes found and dışkıya so gübreye passes and plant growth speed and resistance.
Its high in organic matter, plant in the roots of fringing.
EkosolFarm 100 Organic Worm Fertilizer®Used soil organic matter content to increase soil tekstürünü improves.
Its high in organic matter topraklardaki pH unused by the plant due to the height of Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, zinc etc. Plant food elements in the soil soluble uptake by the plant by making easier.
Its high rate of organic ingredient plant nutrient elements are washed away because the gübrelemeden.
EkosolFarm 100 Organic Worm Fertilizer®Use time and quantity for all plants into the soil structure, iklim faktörüne and plant according to değişmekle together usually given to the soil before sowing and planting when mixed with soil achieved good results.
The physical structure of soil trims, soil plant nutrients and humusça zenginleştirir Acidic sandy lands to agriculture by arranging conveniently.
Content elementler slow çözündüğünden plant long term provides its nutrition.
EkosolFarm 100 Worm Fertilizer®Odorless.


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