Kids Outdoor Adventure Camping Kit & Bug Catcher Kit With Drawstring Bag Binoculars Butterfly Net

Kids Outdoor Adventure Camping Kit & Bug Catcher Kit With Drawstring Bag Binoculars Butterfly Net

$33.83 price

$33.83 price

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1、Explorer & Bug Catching Kit:

2-in-1 adventure kit, binoculars, hand-cranked flashlight, whistle and backpack. Bug catcher kit, butterfly net, handy scooper and bug container & viewer.

2、Great Stem Educational Toy: Our nature toy kit provides kids the way to observe the insect, plants and the whole nature more clearly. Your little one will love getting their hands dirty while also developing their mind and motor skills. This educational outdoor toy will cognitively encourage your child’s curiosity, nurture their imaginative soul and to help their creativity flourish.

3、Explore Magical World: This adventure package contains everything a little explorer needs. The high-quality binoculars can help children detect their surroundings. This lens compass teaches children to learn to find the correct direction and position on a map or field. the bright flashlight can easily bring the happiness of children into the evening. Each whistle is equipped with a lanyard so that your child can easily hang it around his neck.

4、4XMagnification: The The magnifying glass has 4X magnification, used to check plants, insects and rocks. Suitable for camping trips, outdoor or indoor surveys, bringing unlimited fun. Use insect clips and butterfly nets to catch insects that interest you. Children do not need to touch insects. The bug collector can keep bugs with you for a long time.

5、Learn from Outside World: TV and video games are no longer needed! Keep your children away from electronic devices and motivate them to go outdoors. This nature exploration kit helps children explore the natural environment and learn from reality.

Magnifying glass magnification: 4X
Material: PP + PMMA
Size(approx.): 133x63x15mm/5.24 * 2.48 * 0.59in
Binoculars size: about 110 * 115 * 43mm/4.33 * 4.53 * 1.69in
Binoculars magnification: 5X

Packing List:
1*Beam Mouth Backpack
1*Three-section Telescopic Insect Observation Cup
1*Insect Breeding Observation Box
1*Hand-held Magnifying Glass
1*2-in-1 Whistle
1*Insect Net
1*Insect Ball Clip
1*Outdoor guide
1*Hand Pressing Self-rechargeable Flashlight
1*Free Simulated Spider
1*Free Simulated Butterfly



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