New Garden Watering Can with Long Mouth & Lid Large Capacity

New Garden Watering Can with Long Mouth & Lid Large Capacity

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$13.89 price

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Garden Watering Can with Long Mouth Plastic Watering Can with Lid and Large Capacity Plant Watering Can Indoor Watering Can



*1. PP material: the watering can is made of PP material, which is healthy, safe, sturdy, durable, beautiful and generous, and the hard material has strong pressure resistance.

*2. Enlarged design: The water injection port adopts enlarged design, which is convenient, simple and time-saving.

*3. Switchable water flow mode: The watering can has three water flow modes: shower, water flow and water column. Install the shower head to obtain purified water, and then remove the shower head to form a water column. It can take good care of flowers and irrigate trees.

*4. Double handles: the design of double handles is easy to use. Suitable for handle design, widening and thickening design to increase bearing.

*5. Widely used: suitable for indoor and outdoor flowerpots, watering plants, bathing children, watering trees, gardens, etc.



Material: PP

Capacity: 3 liters/5 liters

Weight (about): 3L-240g 5L-350g



Sprinkler * 1

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