New Hand Digital Garden Meter Soil Tester 0.00-10.00 mS/cm

New Hand Digital Garden Meter Soil Tester 0.00-10.00 mS/cm

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1. Product model: EC-8801/EC-8801A/EC-8801P/EC-8801B/EC-8801BB/EC-8801P-1
2. Product name: Soil EC/Temperature Tester
3.EC measuring range: 0.00-10.00ms/cm
4. Range of automatic temperature compensation: -30℃~80℃
5.°C/°F measuring range: -30°C-80.0°C, -220°F-176°F
6. Data retention H
7. Battery display
8.°C/°F temperature switch
9.CE certification
10. Low battery alarm
11. IP67 waterproof

Product Manual:

1. Plug and play, convenient and quick to use.
2. Large-screen LCD display, high-definition display color screen display, more comfortable experience, large viewing angle.
3. High-quality detachable probe electrode: replaceable, more convenient for maintenance, rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and suitable for various soils.
4. Lock button: After the value is stable, click the hold button to lock the current value. If you need to re-measure, please press the hold button again.
5. Product size: 37mm *37mm * 280cm
6. Battery: 3*1.5V button battery (not included), long life of power supply battery.

Soil EC knowledge

Soil EC value is an index for determining soil water-soluble salt, and it is a factor to determine whether salt ions in soil restrict crop growth

Soil temperature mainly refers to the temperature in the shallow layer of the ground directly related to the growth and development of flowers and trees.Soil temperature affects the growth and development of plants and the formation of soil.

Packing List:

1 x Soil EC/Temperature Tester
1 x electronic manual


Q: Does the product ship with batteries?

A: The product does not ship with batteries, and the logistics does not support transportation. Please purchase locally

Q: Is the probe replaceable?

A: The probe can be replaced, this purchase link has the option of a separate purchase link

Brand Story

Waterproof soil EC/temperature tester

EC-8801/EC-8801A/EC-8801P/EC-8801B/EC-8801BB/EC-8801P-1 soil EC tester, CE certification, quality guaranteed. Large-screen LCD display, plug and play, clear and quick measurement data. Automatic temperature compensation, accurate data, measurable EC (0.00-10.00ms/cm), widely used in greenhouse planting, gardening planting, farmland planting, laboratory, agriculture, pot planting, etc.

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EC-8801, EC-8801A, EC-8801P, EC-8801B, EC-8801BB, EC-8801P-1

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